MultiTap Podcast: BloopCast the First (EXPLICIT)

You know what? This is a bit of a bonus. It's been up on the YouTube channel, so those of you well-versed with that will have heard this already, but I (editor Piper) took all of the extra content cut from the shows and compiled them into the funniest or interesting but too irrelevant segments sewn together with MultiTap's patented Hamfisted Segues. I can only hope you have as much fun listening as we do recording.


Recording this show is our favorite thing... ever... and we are fueled by your indispensable feedback! If you like how the show turns out, please contact us at We will likely use the mail to shape the next episode!

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#idodecreeit #chocolatestarfish #icetaco

Have a great week!

The MultiTap Cast

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