MultiTap Podcast: Episode 16 (EXPLICIT)

Mistress Piper, Plincess Ireney, Hobo Chris, and Skeleton Aaron break the fourth wall yet again in a brave attempt at bridging the gap between online radio celebrity and eager listener! Conspire with them as they:

  • Revive Durst like a glorious phoenix thanks to host Hobo Chris!
  • Celebrate the glorious 16-bit era and discuss everyone's favourite games from said era!!
  • Have a lovely, riveting, and glorious, yet one-sided round of Skeleton Aaron's Who Would Win contests!!!

So, some housekeeping: Mistress Piper now hates machines as they and their kind effed up he and his cohosts' show this episode. An echo formed which made some of the material absolutely unlistenable. The reason is still an awful, yet sweet, mystery. There are two gigantic chunks missing; one entire round of our picks for 16-bit favourites including Irene's Final Fantasy VI, Chris's Donkey Kong Country, Piper's Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, and Aaron's Road Rash, as well as some excellent and technical discussion on one of the crew's favourite games: Chrono Trigger. So hopefully you guys read this.

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Have a great week!

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